Fishery update

We are now accepting CARD PAYMENTS ONLY, and all tickets are available bankside from the bailiffs. Please do not try and use the online booking system as it will no longer be in service from the 29th March 2021.

Please check our website for match bookings prior to visiting to avoid disappointment on the match bookings page.

The fishery will still be open for day tickets between 7am and 5pm until further notice.

Night fishing update

Please either message us through the fishery Facebook page or email to book your nights.

We want to give everyone a fair chance of getting a night session booked in so please be considerate to other members and do not try and book long sessions until things have settled down.

If you have any questions or outstanding credits on your booking account, please contact the fishery.

Tight lines.

The Fishing Team

Fishing Prices

Adult Day Ticket: 1 Rod: £10.00 / 2 Rods: £12.00 (ages 16 years +)

Junior Day Ticket: 1 Rod: £7.00 / 2 Rods: £10.00 (aged up to 15 years)

Concession Day Ticket: 1 Rod: £7.00 / 2 Rods: £10.00 (aged 60 years +)

Third Rod: +£3.00 (at bailiff’s discretion)

All anglers should have a valid fishing licence issued by the Environment Agency. Buy your licence here.

Booking a Premium Lakeside Pitch or Lakeside Accommodation does not including fishing within the price.

Sumners Lake

The larger specimen water, is stocked with Carp up to 39lb 2oz, Perch to 4lb 6oz, Chub to 6lb, Roach to 2lb, Pike to 19lb, Eels to 9lb and Bream into the double figures. We have a mix of camping pitches and accomodation with swims that are reserved but if vacant, can be fished if there isn’t an arrival on that day. There are six dedicated day-ticket swims on this lake. Night fishing for members and campers is also possible on this lake. Sumners is a specimen lake and is therefore a challenging water so is recommended for more experienced anglers who are after a new PB. Carp cradles are required to fish this water, regardless of target species.

Please note – Sumners Lake is for Members only unless fishing from a lakeside accommodation or pitch.

Tactics: To target the Carp, legered boilie and pellet works well with dark baits seeming to produce more bites. We recommend 15mm baits to avoid the Bream, pop-ups have also been known to trip up the larger fish. Mackerel and Sardines are also a particular favourite for the Pike. The island is a favourable spot but it is often the margins that will produce the larger catch. Anglers wishing to target Bream and other smaller species will do well on feeders and float fish Maggot or Corn.

Farm Pond

The smaller but more mature of the lakes, we have Carp to to 24lb, Tench 4lb, Roach and Rudd to 2lb, Perch to over 4lb as well as Chub and Crucians. It is ideal for juniors and the less experienced angler looking to get into the sport but still provides great fishing for those more skilled. There are 14 day-ticket swims on this lake including the purpose built disabled accessible platform next to the car park. Night fishing is possible on this lake when one of the 3 premium camping pitches are booked.

Tactics: The lake is heavily stocked so simple methods work best, float fishing at around 4ft is what we would recommend and fishing on the surface on warmer days in the summer. It is important to feed regularly to produce multiple catches. In terms of bait, Luncheon Meat, Corn and Soft Pellets work best.  

Match Lake

Set on its own, away from the campsite is a 3.5 acre water which provides prolific fishing with Mirror and Common Carp, Chub 6lb 5oz, Barbel 12lb 4oz, Crucians 3lb 3oz, Tench, Bream over 4lb and Roach over 2lb. Primarily designed for the match fisherman but provides great sport for the day ticket fisherman too. This is by far our most popular lake for the angler seeking multiple catches for fish weighing in the double figures. The lake record currently stands at 33lb 1oz Mirror Carp! As the name implies there are often matches booked on to this water especially at weekends so be sure to check availability if you are making a visit to fish this lake specifically. We regularly post match calendars on social media. Carp cradles are required to fish this water, regardless of target species.

Tactics: Again, the Match Lake is heavily stocked so there is really no need for anything too complicated. Small PVA bags of pellet or crushed boilies is a particular favourite of the regular anglers on this lake. Float fishing with worm is a good way to target the Tench and Barbel that often patrol the margins. Avoid introducing too much bait as this can often push the fish out of your area. This is a great lake for those newer to the sport and those wishing to up their PB and generally increase their knowledge. Double takes are very common during the summer months so be aware!

Ribbon Lake

As its name implies, is a meandering ribbon of water. It is well stocked with fish such as Barbel in excess 8lb, Chub to 6lb, Tench and Golden Tench over 4lb, Perch to 4lb 2oz, Bream to 4lb, Roach to 2lb and Crucians to 2lb 4oz. Ribbon has also been recently stocked with some young English Carp born and bred on site, these fish are now reaching 12lb pound making them ideal for the anglers just getting into the sport.  It is popular with match fisherman and is also ideal for beginners or parent and child teams as you can generally be guaranteed a successful catch on most visits. This lake is a favourite with some of our regulars as it is unique in design and has a large walk-on island with 8 platforms to fish from. There are around 40 day-ticket swims, most of which have a platform. This lake again often has matches booked.

Tactics: The bridge to the island and the large tree opposite are the hot spots as well as the car-park bank often producing a good catch. Be sure to use light rods, smaller hooks and 6lb line or heavier to get the most out of this lake as the Barbel particularly put up and impressive fight. Luncheon meat and drilled pellet are ideal when targeting the Barbel and Chub with usual maggot and corn working well with the other silver fish species. 

Betty’s Lake

Our newest addition, is for experienced fishermen only. This specimen water is stocked with a host of Redmire Common & Simmonds Mirror Carp up to 35lb 2oz alongside Barbel up to 12lb, Chub to 7lb 9oz and Pike up to 18lb. Betty’s Lake is set in a particularly peaceful and tranquil area of the site with three well placed islands and has 18 spacious dugout swims particularly suited to the Carp angler. Members can book to night fish by appointment only. Carp cradles are required to fish this water, regardless of target species.

Tactics: This is the most challenging lake on site but is also the most rewarding therefore a more thoughtful approach is required, please read the additional rules for this lake before fishing. Tiger nuts are the bailiff’s favourite for this water along with a healthy scattering of free offerings. Throughout the warmer months the shallower spots around the islands are often where the Carp will patrol so take time when choosing your spot as it is often the case that hitting these areas can mean the difference between catching and not. Again, like Sumners Lake, darker baits tend to work best with a few anglers catching well on zig-rigs when the conditions are favourable.

Please note that we are serious about the well being of our valuable fish stocks. You must be sure that you have read and understood the fishery rules and have the correct equipment. Our staff are happy to advise as are most experienced fishermen. If you have any questions regarding the fishery, want to contact one of the fishing bailiffs or just want to send in pictures of your catches email

Disabled Friendly

Sumners Ponds is a accessible fishery for those with a disability. The best lakes to fish are either Farm Pond or Betty’s Lake.

Farm Pond has a purpose built accessible platform with a ramp from the ajoining car park. This spaceous decked area has three large swims which are all disabled priority. The car park for this lake is directly next to the closest fishing swims so there is not far to travel with your equipment.

Betty’s Lake has two disabled parking areas which are very close to the nearest wood-chipped swims.