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Fishery Rules

The fishery opens at 7am for day tickets and closes at 9pm or dusk, whichever comes sooner.

You may start fishing on arrival. Tickets can be purchased from the duty bailiff who will make regular visits throughout the day or from the reception building.

Night fishing is strictly by appointment only. 24 hours’ notice is required and is restricted to members and Lakeside campers only with at least one person being 21 or over. Night fishing sessions on Sumners Lake night swim run from 1pm on arrival till 12 noon the following day.

Please take time to read the rules of the fishery before starting. Anyone disobeying the rules will be asked to leave without a refund and risk being banned.

  • All persons participating in fishing must purchase a fishing permit. Every effort should be made to obtain a day-ticket and anyone avoiding the purchase of one will be banned.
  • Only barbless hooks are permitted. Micro barbs and squashed barbs are also not allowed.
  • Maximum of two rods allowed on Farm Pond, Ribbon and Match Lakes.
  • Pike fishing between October 1st to March 1st, Sea baits only and no live bait. Semi-barbed Trebles can be used.
  • Anglers must remain at their selected swim while rods are active. No active rod should be left unattended.
  • No keep nets may be used and no fish are to be kept in any containers whatsoever. Keep nets are permitted in pre-arranged matches only.
  • You must ensure that you have the correct equipment including one landing net and unhooking mat per swim.
  • Carp cradles and a minimum of 36-inch landing net must be used on Sumners Lake, Match Lake and Betty’s Lake due to the larger fish stocked in these lakes regardless of target species.
  • Sumners Ponds is a catch and release fishery so all fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible after being caught and without delay.
  • All fish must be handled with care and not lifted more than 18 inches above the ground.
  • Priority is given to match anglers when a match is booked on a lake. Please take note of lake availability.
  • Bait boats are permitted so long as they do not become a nuisance to other anglers.
  • All anglers must have a valid rod license. This is not the same as a fishing permit.
  • Well behaved dogs are welcome providing they’re kept on a short lead at all times.
  • All Juniors on Betty’s lake must be accompanied by an Adult.
  • Fishing from permitted swims ONLY. 
  • Parking on the grass is not permitted.

Anyone causing damage to the property, including plants, causing a disturbance, using recreational drugs, using foul language or being inconsiderate to other guests will be asked to leave and risk being banned.

Please be aware our bailiffs regularly check hooks and rigs. Please do not be offended if we ask you.

Parents leaving juniors unattended do so at their own risk and must make sure they are contactable at all times in case of misbehaviour or an emergency.

The Environmental Agency visits this fishery regularly to check licenses and will issue fines for those without one.

We are serious about the well-being of our valuable fish stocks. Please report any violations of the rules to the duty bailiff or by calling 01403 732539.


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