Tackle Shop

In our reception building we have a small but well-stocked bait and tackle shop that is open, not only to anglers visiting the fishery but the general public too. The opening times are the same our the reception opening times shown below. If you have any questions relating to a product that we may or may not stock please feel free to email us on


Rods and Reels: We stock a wide range of rods and reels from light feeder rods to heavy carp rods at a very reasonable price. Brands include E.S.P, Drennan Series 7 and Red Range and NGT. We also offer rod and reel combo deals for those starting up. Our bailiff team will happily set you up with everything you need so you can leave the tackle shop and head straight for the lakes!

Terminal Tackle: We stock all the necessities including hooks, braid, swivels, leads, shot and more. Brands include E.S.P, Gardner, Drennan, NGT, Kryston and Korda. If you need any of the basics, we’ve got it! After something a little more specialist? Check with us before hand and if we don’t have it we may be able to order it in for you.

Fish Care Equipment: At Sumners we take pride in our fish care and therefore stock all the appropriate equipment you would need including landing mats, cradles, slings, nets and poles. 


Live Baits: We keep a stock of red, white and mixed maggots as well as lob and dendra worms.

Boilies: We stock various sizes from 10mm to 18mm in brands such as CC Moore, Mainline, including Cell freezer bait, and Crafty Catcher.

Pellets & Particles: We have our own brand of pellet from 2mm to 8mm as well as brands such as Bait-Tech, Sensas, CC Moore and Copdock Mill. We also stock tubs or particle and spod mix, hookable pellets, hemp and tiger nuts.

Ground Bait and Paste: We always have various ground baits and pastes in stock with popular brands like Sensas, Bait-Tech, CC Moore and Ringers.

We also keep the mandatory sweetcorn and luncheon meat in stock when available.

If we don’t stock something that you are after we maybe able to order it in for you, please email us on