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Sumners Ponds - Covid19 procedures and rules, with foreword from

Simon Smith, Managing Director

It was around 25 years ago my father (now in his 90s and still a partner in the farm side of the business) decided it might be a good idea to put 5 caravans next to a pond. Over the ensuing years we slowly expanded, through two further generations of my family, into a campsite, fisheries and licenced café with 100plus camping pitches. So, it is fair to say we have seen some change over the years.

However, nothing could have prepared us for the March 2020 Government “lockdown speeches” which instructed the nations of the UK to restrict the movement of its citizens and close businesses. This has had a disastrous effect on businesses and households alike. It has been a very worrying time for everyone and will continue to be into the immediate future.

Some of you may have had holidays delayed and others will have been shielding for many weeks, in some cases months, without opportunities for fresh air in open spaces.

To our loyal customers and dedicated staff and suppliers, thank you so much for your generous patience, support and understanding that you have shown to the business. Thank you also to those who have placed their trust in us, who are due to arrive and stay with us from “re-start”.

With Government regulation and Social Distancing rules here for the foreseeable future, we have had to look at every aspect of our business and operations to see what an operating model could look like, which at the heart of it has the well-being of our staff and customers as paramount.

As I’m sure you will appreciate, the “new normal” that we all need to get used to will be very different from that before. Some areas of Sumners Ponds may not be available for use immediately and may have limited availability as we try out different operating models before we know which one will work best.

A new “Clean Team” are being appointed to put everyone’s mind at rest, to ensure as a business we are as COVID-Secure as we can be. Investment has been made in systems of work, PPE and the now ever visible anti-bac gels & sprays!

As people use the new-found freedom from “unlock” it’s likely that some areas of our site will be busier than usual for this time of year. Please bear with us whilst we adjust to the new way of operating. If you see something that you feel needs improving, please speak to one of our Duty Wardens or Directors who are never far away.

Please do enjoy the summer months in a socially-distant way and please do stay safe.

Kind regards


Simon Smith

Managing Director – Sumners Ponds Ltd

Sumners Ponds - Covid19 Procedures and rules for campers, stayers & visitors.

In light of Government guidance and industry recommended standards, we have undertaken thorough Risk Assessments of our site and these procedures and rules (which are in addition to our Terms & Conditions and Site Rules) are to help you to remain as safe as is practically possible while staying with us.

The safety and well-being of our staff and customers is paramount.

As a country, businesses and individuals, we ALL have a responsibility to take measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID19).

The basis of measures to protect from transmission of the virus are:

  • Follow the Governments “Wash hands” advice.
  • Keep a Social Distance between individuals
  • Reduce opportunities for touching items
  • Accurate record keeping enabling Public Health England’s Track and Trace facility
  • Use common-sense, patience and understanding of others
  • Reduce person to person interaction

These are very different times that we are living in and things that you may have done on site before simply cannot be allowed in the immediate future.

Please bear with us and help us to keep everyone safe.

The following has been written with the above in mind.

Before Your Stay

You should not travel to the site if you or anyone in your household or social bubble had COVID-19 symptoms.

You will receive a copy of our Terms & Conditions, Site specific Rules of stay and our COVID19 rules & procedures together with a map of the site with allocated pitch numbers on, in advance of your arrival. Please read carefully.

Upon Arrival

There will be no need to stop at our reception/shop area and “check-in”. Please proceed direct to your allocated pitch. Our warden will be making regular rounds and will enable a “check-in” to be made, in the open air, at your allocated pitch, as required. We expect the requirement for these “check in’s” to be limited to those new to our site.

All our pitches are marked and spaced to allow sufficient Fire Safety regulations gaps and to ensure ample amounts of room for Social-Distancing. Please do not move your pitch or set-up your tents, windbreaks or any other structure outside of the boundary of your pitch.

During Your Stay

  • If you start to display any of the COVID19 symptoms whilst on site, you should contact the NHS and advise a member of our site management team immediately. Ideally a member of your group should approach our staff.
  • You should only stay in an accommodation/pitch with members of your own household or social bubble, as allowed by law.
  • You should not link-up structures or boundaries with any other pitches, even if you are friends or family or in the same social bubble as a neighbouring pitch.
  • There will be a STRICTLY NO GROUPS camping allowed. You camp as separate pitches.
  • No social gathering with friends.
  • No visitors will be allowed to the site.
  • As tempting as it maybe to gather for a BBQ or evening meal, you must refrain from doing this.
  • You must strictly adhere to the Government Social Distancing rules. No gatherings of more than six people.
  • With your health and wellbeing in mind, this site has retained the 2-metre gap rule between individuals. There is plenty of room to achieve this.
  • Please use anti bac hand gel whenever you enter or leave one of the buildings on site. This is not an alternative to washing your hands thoroughly; this is in addition to.
  • For everyone’s comfort and enjoyment, there is a noise curfew of 10:30pm strict.
  • Amounts of alcohol consumed should be limited to ensure adherence to Social Distancing rules.
  • It is your responsibility to closely supervise your children on the site.
  • IF our play area is open, it is not practical for us to disinfect it between uses. It is your decision if you allow your children to use it, under your close supervision and it is your responsibility to ensure your children wash their hands thoroughly before and after use.
  • If our play area is closed, its your responsibility to keep your children from playing on it.
  • All children should be supervised by an adult when using the toilet, shower facilities and washing-up facilities.
  • You should bring with you sufficient supply of anti-bac gels for the whole of your group, for the duration of your stay.
  • Given a lot of people will be looking to make the most of being allowed to get out into the fresh air and stay away with the easing of lockdown, our site and facilities are expected to be busier than usual. Please be patient when queuing and considerate of others 2 metres social distance.
  • Our communal fridge and freezers will not be available. You may choose to bring your own cool boxes. Alternatively, for larger items, shop locally and buy fresh each day.

Log Cabins / Safari Tent / Shepherds Huts

We have had to remove the books and board games that you would normally find for your use during your stay. Feel free to bring your own ones along.

If you are staying in one of these glamping units we would ask please that you empty rubbish into the black bin bags provided, at the end of your stay and place these into the large red container bins you’ll find on site.

Please remove linen from the beds at the end of your stay. Please leave windows open at the end of your stay to allow air-flow before our cleaning team enter.

Housekeeping At Sumners

As you would expect we have made a substantial investment in an enhanced cleaning regime to prevent the spread pf COVID19 and keep you all as safe as can be whilst you are with us.

We have established an additional cleaning team to work throughout your stay, keeping areas tidy and clean. We have purchased anti bac fogging spray for soft furnishing and large areas. Unnecessary soft furnishings have been taken away and our dining tables have been covered to make them easier to clean with anti bac spray.

If you see anything that requires extra attention whilst you are with us, please do ask a member of our team.

Cafe By The Lake

Please bear with us whilst we try different service formats and menu choices at our Café by the Lake. Initially, from “restart” 4th July 2020, our food will be served on a takeaway basis, to enable us to get used to Social Distancing with customers and staff. Please feel free to use our outdoor tables and chairs, positioned with good spacing around the Café to eat your takeaway items purchased from us.

The Café has an “in” door and an “exit” door and directional signs to assist our customers.

Our staff have been organised into “sealed pods” of teams, to increase disease control and business continuity. Thankyou in advance for your patience at busy times.

In line with guidelines, we are developing a food and drink ordering app and when safe to do so we will then allow customers to order & pay at their table whilst sitting inside the Café.

There will be a strictly no smoking/no vaping policy within the front and rear boundaries of the café outdoor dining areas. Please feel free to leave your table and use the copious amounts of open space a little further away from the café when needed.

Collection And Use Of Your Data

We are required by COVID19 regulation to keep records of your visits to us. We keep this information on two main systems. 1) Our Online Booking System for staying guests. Nothing has changed here, as your information was already being stored in connection with the administration of your booking with us. 2) Food & drink Ordering and Payment App. This will be a new system for our staff and customers and this will be in place before we allow diners to eat and drink inside our Café building.

These systems will enable Public Health England and the NHS to be advised of individuals that have used our facilities to assist with the NHS Test, Track and Trace system. The NHS Test, Track and trace programme is being used to slow the spread of the virus, protect the health and care system and save lives.

All your information is retained on secure systems and never shared outside of our businesses.

The Local Community

The local village shop is well stocked and do not forget to try the village pub when it reopens after lock down.

Local relationships are important to us all and some people may understandably be apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors in large to the area; they will need reassurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness, patience and respect for social distance in all contacts outside the park.

Check Out

There will be no reason to formally check out unless you have keys to hand back or a deposit that needs to be collected. You will be provided with a plastic bag to put keys in to return to our warden. Any “check out “process will be undertaken in the outdoors.

After Your Stay

If you develop any of the COVID19 symptoms within 7 days of staying with us you should contact NHS and advise us immediately, so we can take any action that may be required to protect our staff & customers.

When you return home, hopefully with happy memories of your stay with us, when reflecting upon your time with us, if you think of anything which you believe could have been improved to enhance your stay whilst with us that you didn’t mention whilst on site, please do take the time to drop us an email.

This “new normal” that we are operating in is very much new to us all and we may not get it right first time. If you see things which could be changed to improve then we want to hear from you, please.

Sorry for the long list of “do’s and don’ts” however in the current climate we must try and cover as much as we can.


Reception and General Enquiries: 01403 732539

Monday – Sunday: 9:00am – 5:00pm


Cafe By the Lake: 01403 732734

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 9:00am – 4:30pm & 5:00pm – 9:00pm