Top Tips for Winter Fishing at Sumners Ponds

Fishing doesn’t just have to be fun in the summer, winter fishing this time of year can also bring lots of joy to anglers, despite the cold weather! For the more experienced angler, it is also the time to go “Predator Fishing” for fish such as Pike.

Here are our top tips on staying warm and catching fish in the winter at Sumners Ponds.

Day and Time

Making sure you choose the right day and time is crucial, not just for comfort reasons but the weather can also change your odds of catching fish.

Keep an eye out on the weather forecast, and aim to go before a cold front passing, and during 10am and 4pm as this is when the fish are more likely to be actively feeding.

Fishing Equipment

The cold weather may put an extra strain on your equipment, therefore extra care should be taken when winter fishing.

Make sure to check, clean, and lubricate your reels before going fishing, as this will help them from being too stiff, which is the last thing you want when trying to reel a fish in!

Winter Fishing Bait

In the colder months, fish tend to swim slower, and so can be spooked more easily.

We recommend using live bait, such as worms, as these move slower than artificial bait which can spook the fish.

If you’re looking at using artificial bait, then use ones that are made of soft plastic and are highly visible (gold or silver).

We also recommend using a smaller bait as fish don’t need to feed as often in the winter months. Around 2-4 inches is great to attract fish.

Fishing Bait Ideas

As mentioned, fish are more lethargic in the Winter, and so normal bait might not work as well.

Here are a few ideas that will entice the fish more:

  • Spices
    • Turmeric
    • Garlic salt
    • Ground chilli
  • Salt
  • Sweetcorn
  • Maggots
  • Peperami

Winter Fishing Clothes

As the temperature drops, bear in mind you’ll have to dress for this! You will be sitting in the same spot for a few hours, so staying warm and dry is vital.

Wearing layers is the best for keeping warm and regulating your body temperature. It’s recommended to have a base layer, mid layer, and outer layer. 

Also, bring waterproofs, as the British weather can be quite unpredictable!

If you keep your head, hands, and feet warm and covered, you’re more likely to stay warmer for longer. Wear a hat/beanie, gloves, and thick socks with waterproof boots.

Hot Drinks & Food

To keep warm during winter fishing in the UK, bring a flask with your favourite hot drink. However, make sure you don’t burn yourself when taking a sip!

Always bring food and snacks, this will keep you going and help you focus on the task at hand – catching those fish! 

Fishing at Sumners Ponds

If you want to know more about tips and tricks for fishing at Sumners Ponds, read our blog here.

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Disabled Friendly

Sumners Ponds is a accessible fishery for those with a disability. The best lakes to fish are either Farm Pond or Betty’s Lake.

Farm Pond has a purpose built accessible platform with a ramp from the ajoining car park. This spaceous decked area has three large swims which are all disabled priority. The car park for this lake is directly next to the closest fishing swims so there is not far to travel with your equipment.

Betty’s Lake has two disabled parking areas which are very close to the nearest wood-chipped swims.