Carp Fishing in West Sussex

Carp fishing in West Sussex | boy holding a carp at Sumners Ponds

If you’re an avid carp angler, then look no further than carp fishing in West Sussex, Sumners Ponds!

All 5 of our lakes stock carp from 8-35lbs, depending on which lake you fish in. Read our other blog on ‘Top Fishing Tactics for Sumners Ponds Lakes and Ponds’ for more information.

So if you’re looking for carp fishing holidays or just a fishing day ticket, and are wondering what carp fishing setup you need then keep reading!

Carp Fishing in West Sussex

Carp Fishing Tackle

Before you plan your trip, you’ll need to make sure you have all the correct equipment for carp fishing.

A well-made sturdy and reliable carp fishing rod are vital, as carps can get quite big and powerful. 

You’ll need to purchase a carp fishing reel as well. Angling Direct has a large selection of high-quality reels for carp fishing to choose from.

Make sure when looking at carp fishing lines, you buy from a reputable seller. When choosing, make sure you pick a colour close to the colour of the water, as carp are very cautious fish.

Carp Fishing Bait

To target the Carp at Sumners Ponds, legered boilie and pellet are good carp baits. 

With dark reddish baits seeming to produce more bites on the tricky Bettys and Sumners lake. 

Little is often more on our carp lakes as they see plenty of anglers. This means they see plenty of bait, so start off with just a handful of free offerings and bait more when you catch.

Carp Fishing Clothing

When going fishing, you’ll need to kit out in the right gear. The worst thing to happen is to arrive, set up, and realise you’ve forgotten something, or you’re not comfortable in your outfit choice!

When going shopping, make sure to try on the clothes before you head out, and make a checklist of everything you need to be sure you don’t forget anything!

Onsite Tackle and Bait Shop

Our tackle shop stocks everything you need for fishing our waters. So don’t worry if you’ve forgotten something or need to top up for bait buckets halfway through your stay. 

All the products we stock have been carefully selected to work well on all the lakes. Our bailiffs are always on hand to give advice on what’s best to use.

For more information, visit our Tackle Shop.

Carp Fishing in West Sussex – Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Sumners Ponds Fishery and Campsite in West Sussex is a unique and beautiful spot set in the tranquil countryside amongst 100 acres of lakes, woodland, and pasture.

Perfect for a family holiday, couple retreat, or a short break to recoup. Sumners Ponds has many different types of accommodation, from camping sites to pods, from lodges to shepherd’s huts, from safari tents to family fields!

The campsite itself boasts high-quality campsite facilities, acres of woodland, a working farm, and fishing lakes. All this in a beautiful and secluded setting which is perfect for just relaxing, or for the more active, exploring the many footpaths and safe cycleways within and around the site.

We also have The Cafe by the Lake, which is our restaurant and bar that is open to both those staying on-site and the general public. We aim to provide the highest standard of food and service.

Book your stay here.

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Disabled Friendly

Sumners Ponds is a accessible fishery for those with a disability. The best lakes to fish are either Farm Pond or Betty’s Lake.

Farm Pond has a purpose built accessible platform with a ramp from the ajoining car park. This spaceous decked area has three large swims which are all disabled priority. The car park for this lake is directly next to the closest fishing swims so there is not far to travel with your equipment.

Betty’s Lake has two disabled parking areas which are very close to the nearest wood-chipped swims.