Lakeside Fishing Holidays – A Guide

lakeside fishing holidays | Lodge at Sumners Ponds

Embarking on lakeside fishing holidays can be a dream come true for any angler, novice or experienced. The serene surroundings, private fishing spots, and cosy lakeside lodges make for an unforgettable getaway. If you’re contemplating a fishing break, Sumners Ponds is the perfect destination for an idyllic lakeside fishing holiday.  In this guide, we’ll explore […]

Fishing West Sussex – 12 FAQs

fishing west sussex

If it’s your first time fishing at Sumners Ponds, West Sussex (or it’s been a while), we have collated 12 of our frequently asked questions just for you! Keep on reading to find out more. 1. How can I night fish? Night fishing is only available to fishery members.  Members can book nights on either […]

Fishing Lodges in the UK

Fishing lodges in the UK | Iris lodge

If you’re into your fishing, or simply want to try it out, Sumners Ponds have fishing lodges that are perfect for people who want a fishing holiday, whilst keeping their home comforts! Lakeside Fishing Lodges At Sumners Ponds, we have 4 luxury lakeside lodges you can stay in: Moorhen Lodge Grebe Lodge Lily Lodge Iris […]

Fishing in Winter at Sumners Ponds

fishing in winter | Sumners Ponds

Fishing in winter can still be a lot of fun and with the colder months quickly approaching we wanted to share with you some advice on how to get the most out of our lakes. Why Come Fishing in the Winter Coarse fish, especially Carp can often be caught at their biggest weights during late […]

Carp Fishing in West Sussex

Carp fishing in West Sussex | boy holding a carp at Sumners Ponds

If you’re an avid carp angler, then look no further than carp fishing in West Sussex, Sumners Ponds! All 5 of our lakes stock carp from 8-35lbs, depending on which lake you fish in. Read our other blog on ‘Top Fishing Tactics for Sumners Ponds Lakes and Ponds’ for more information. So if you’re looking […]

Fishing Holidays Near Me, West Sussex

fishing holidays near me | family fishing at Sumners Ponds

Looking for ‘fishing holidays near me’? Look no further than Sumners Ponds, based in Barns Green, West Sussex! Carp Fishing Holidays Our 5 fishing lakes; Sumners Lakes, Farm Pond, Match Lake, Ribbon Lake, and Betty’s Lake, are all perfect for catching many different types of fish. All our fishing lakes stock carp from 8-35lbs, depending […]

Bait Guide for Fishing at Sumners Ponds

Different Types of Bait There is a vast selection of baits that are used for freshwater fishing. It can be slightly daunting and confusing with all the flavours, sizes, and shapes. However, we hope this guide will help you in choosing the best type for what lake/species you are targeting.  Natural Baits These are baits […]

Sumners Ponds Lodges for Carp Fishing

Looking for somewhere to stay and fish? We have 4 luxury lakeside lodges for carp fishing. They are perfect for a comfortable stay, with fishing on our Sumners Lake. These superb lodges boast fantastic views over the beautiful Sumners lake. They offer a paradise to fishermen and nature lovers alike. Our lodges: Iris, Lily, Moorhen, […]

How To Have the Best Caravan Fishing Holiday

Looking at enjoying some time away, and want to dust your fishing rods off? Why not try a caravan fishing holiday at Sumners Ponds! Caravan holidays are the perfect way to go on holiday whilst keeping all your own home comforts with you. We explain why caravan fishing holidays are great, and how to have […]

5 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good for You

Here we run through why fishing is good for you and your health! Keeps you fit and healthy You may not know (or realise) that you can burn up to 200 calories in an hour’s fishing session! Fishing requires you to use the muscles in your upper and lower body, including your core when fishing.  […]