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Farm campsite | Family field with cows next door

If you’re seeking a camping experience that combines the serenity of nature with the convenience of a comfortable bed, look no further than a farm campsite in Sussex. 

Our site provides a peaceful escape from the loudness of city life and the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. 

This blog post will provide all of the information you need to know about our farm campsite, such as the benefits, and what to expect when you visit Sumners Ponds.

Why Choose a Farm Campsite in Sussex?

We may be biased, but there are many great benefits in coming to a campsite with a farm for a holiday!

Some of these are:

Beautiful West Sussex scenery

Sussex is well known for its beautiful rolling hills such as the South Downs National Park, hidden forests, picturesque countryside, the seaside and quaint market towns!

Sumners Ponds is based near Horsham, which is the perfect middle ground for popping into London for the city vibe, or going down to the beach for fish and chips.

We’re surrounded by beautiful Sussex countryside, which makes it perfect for our farm animals!

We have also created some picturesque walks through the woods on the farm, particularly through the bluebell season. 

These trails span out to miles of footpath, bridleway and farm land. There are even some famous walking and cycling trails right on our doorstep such as The Downs Link (an old railway line that runs from Guildford to Shoreham-by-sea), The Sussex Literary Trail and the South Downs Way to name a few!

(Whilst we hope that you enjoy all the footpaths on the farm we do advise that if you have dogs or young children you look for alternative routes to cross any fields where cattle are grazing.)

Farm Campsite – Close proximity to nature

When staying at a campsite with a farm, such as Sumners Ponds, you’ll be staying right in the middle of nature, surrounded by wildlife and animals. Going camping is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, whilst spending much needed quality time with your family or friends.

Unique experience

When you go Camping in West Sussex, and stay at Sumners Ponds, you will get to see how a an actual working farm operates! You are more than welcome to ask questions, and we encourage you to come and see the animals. 

Calving and lambing starts in March, so come on down in the Spring to see some cute calves and lambs!

This type of camping experience is unlike any other, making it a memorable trip for all.

Affordable holiday

With prices increasing everywhere, and the cost of living crisis, you may be looking for a cheaper alternative to holidays abroad.

Camping and glamping are a great way to enjoy a holiday, all whilst staying in the UK and not having to break the bank!

Camping is a great way to get the whole family to enjoy the outdoors, and really switch off from devices and the daily stresses of life.

About Sumners Ponds Farm Campsite

Sumners Ponds, a campsite in West Sussex, was once a dairy farm until we diversified and began allowing people to camp and fish around the original Farm Pond. 

We are still very much a working farm with a beef herd of around 100 cattle. They are a mix of Simmentals (various colours with white faces), Aberdeen Angus (black), Belgian Blue (grey/black and white), and native Sussex (brown/deep red). 

In the winter the cows are kept under cover in the cattle barn at the entrance to the site and in the summer they graze out in the fields.

Sumners Farm is also home to a large brood of chickens, a small flock of sheep, and three Shetland ponies.

We have many different types of accommodation, from camping sites to pods, from lodges with fishing to shepherd’s huts, from safari tents to family fields!

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Disabled Friendly

Sumners Ponds is a accessible fishery for those with a disability. The best lakes to fish are either Farm Pond or Betty’s Lake.

Farm Pond has a purpose built accessible platform with a ramp from the ajoining car park. This spaceous decked area has three large swims which are all disabled priority. The car park for this lake is directly next to the closest fishing swims so there is not far to travel with your equipment.

Betty’s Lake has two disabled parking areas which are very close to the nearest wood-chipped swims.