Your Guide to Family-Friendly Self-Catering Holidays

Self-Catering Holidays | Iris Lodge

When it comes to planning a family getaway, self-catering holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Offering the perfect blend of flexibility and comfort, self-catering holidays allow families to create memorable experiences without the constraints of traditional hotel stays. 

And if you’re seeking an idyllic self-catering holiday destination, look no further than Sumners Ponds. Nestled in the heart of West Sussex, Sumners Ponds offers a picturesque setting for a stress-free family getaway. 

In this blog, we’ll provide you with tips and insights to make your self-catering holiday at Sumners Ponds a breeze.

Self-Catering Holidays – Choose the Right Accommodation

The first step to ensuring a stress-free self-catering holiday is to choose the right accommodation for your family. Sumners Ponds offers a variety of options, from charming lakeside lodges to spacious camping pods and well-equipped safari tents. 

Consider your family’s needs and preferences, such as the number of bedrooms, kitchen facilities, and outdoor space. Booking accommodation that suits your family’s size and requirements will set the stage for a comfortable stay.

Plan Your Meals

One of the main advantages of self-catering holidays is the freedom to prepare your meals. 

Before you arrive at Sumners Ponds, plan your meals and create a shopping list. Stock up on essentials like groceries, snacks, and drinks. This will not only save you time and money during your stay but also ensure that you have everything you need for a stress-free mealtime.

Check out our accommodation pages on the website for more information on each kitchen and what we provide. 

We also have our Café by Lake, which offers delicious breakfast and lunch options!

And, if you stay in one of our Safari Tents you will also receive a lovely welcome pack, which includes a scrumptious cake from the Café by the Lake, fresh bread from our local supplier Jengers Bakery, along with eggs, milk, butter, and jam.

Self-Catering Holidays – Pack Smart

To make the most of your self-catering holiday at Sumners Ponds, it’s important to pack smartly. 

Don’t forget to bring your favourite kitchen utensils, pots, and pans if you have specific culinary preferences. Additionally, packing a cooler or picnic basket for outdoor meals by the lake can add an extra touch of enjoyment to your vacation. 

For each of the glamping accommodations, you will need to bring:

Lakeside Lodges: Use of electricity and gas is inclusive as well as bed linen for all beds. Towels are provided in all Lodges. Guests will need to bring their own washing-up liquid, bin bags, etc.

B&B Shepherd’s Huts: The huts are furnished with a comfy memory foam double bed with clean white linen and cosy throws. The luxury state-of-the-art amenity block is just a minute’s walk away, so please bring your own towels and shower stuff.

Safari Tents: The use of electricity and gas is inclusive, and all the bed linen and towels are provided. Guests will need to bring their own washing-up liquid, bin bags, etc.

Robin’s Nest: Use of electricity and gas is inclusive as well and bed linen and towels are provided.  Guests will need to bring their own washing-up liquid, bin bags, etc.

Self-Catering Holidays | Iris Lodge Main bedroom

Explore the Local Area

While self-catering holidays offer the comfort of home, they also present an opportunity to explore the local area. 

Sumners Ponds is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and there are plenty of activities for families to enjoy. Take nature walks, go fishing, or simply unwind by the lake. 

Keep Entertainment Handy

To keep the whole family entertained during downtime, bring along games, books, and electronic devices. 

Sumners Ponds provides a tranquil environment, but it’s always good to have options for relaxation and fun!

Plan family game nights or outdoor adventures to create lasting memories together.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Sumners Ponds is a haven for nature lovers. Make the most of your self-catering holiday by spending quality time outdoors. 

Enjoy picnics, go bird-watching, or try your hand at fishing. The picturesque lakes and serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities that will bring your family closer to nature.

Self-Catering Holidays | Iris Lodge from Sumners Lake

Plan for Rainy Days

Even the best-laid plans can be interrupted by unexpected rain showers (we are in the UK, after all!). 

Be prepared by packing board games, puzzles, and indoor activities that the family can enjoy if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Sumners Ponds’ accommodations are cosy and comfortable, providing an ideal setting for indoor relaxation and fun.

Respect the Environment

As responsible travellers, it’s essential to respect the environment during your self-catering holiday. 

Sumners Ponds is committed to sustainability, and you can do your part by reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and disposing of trash properly. 

This is a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of being environmentally conscious and leave the beautiful surroundings of Sumners Ponds as pristine as you found them!

Self-Catering Holidays – Relax and Unwind

Above all, remember that a self-catering holiday is about relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. 

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and savour the tranquillity of Sumners Ponds. Whether you’re lounging on your lodge’s veranda or stargazing by the lakeside, embrace the opportunity to unwind and recharge.

Self-Catering Holidays | Irish Lodge decking

Family-Friendly Self-Catering Holidays

Sumners Ponds is the perfect destination for a family-friendly self-catering holiday. With the right accommodation, meal planning, and a sense of adventure, you can create lasting memories in this beautiful West Sussex setting. 

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, bonding over a family picnic, or simply enjoying the serene surroundings, Sumners Ponds offers the ideal backdrop for a stress-free vacation. 

So, pack your bags and get ready to make Sumners Ponds your family’s go-to destination for self-catering holidays. Your next unforgettable family adventure awaits!

Self-Catering Holidays – Sumners Ponds Campsite and Fishery

Sumners Ponds Fishery and Campsite in West Sussex is a unique and beautiful spot set in the tranquil countryside amongst 100 acres of lakes, woodland, and pasture.

Perfect for a family holiday, a couple’s retreat, or a short break to recoup. Sumners Ponds has many different types of accommodation, from camping and caravan sites to pods, from lodges with fishing to Shepherd’s Huts, from Safari Tents to family fields!

The campsite itself boasts high-quality campsite facilities, acres of woodland, a working farm, and fishing lakes. All this in a beautiful and secluded setting, which is perfect for just relaxing, or for the more active, exploring the many footpaths and safe cycleways within and around the site.

Our campsite and all accommodations are dog-friendly, which means you can have your four-legged friend right beside you!

We also have The Cafe by the Lake, which is our restaurant and bar that is open to both those staying on-site and the general public. We aim to provide the highest standard of food and service.

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Disabled Friendly

Sumners Ponds is a accessible fishery for those with a disability. The best lakes to fish are either Farm Pond or Betty’s Lake.

Farm Pond has a purpose built accessible platform with a ramp from the ajoining car park. This spaceous decked area has three large swims which are all disabled priority. The car park for this lake is directly next to the closest fishing swims so there is not far to travel with your equipment.

Betty’s Lake has two disabled parking areas which are very close to the nearest wood-chipped swims.