The Best Camping Accessories for Dogs

Going on a camping trip with your dog is a great experience and one you’ll probably do more than once. Here are our 6 best camping accessories for dogs.

You might have a full list of everything you need to bring when going away, but don’t forget about the things your dog will need!

Best camping accessories for dogs – Dog treats

This one may be a bit obvious, but it’s important nonetheless!

Make sure you bring enough for the whole stay (and bring a little extra just in case!). 

You’ll know that treats are great if you’re teaching your dog new calls and tricks, so why leave your training at home? Bring it along with you when you go camping!

Dog first aid kit

Just like us humans, dogs can (unfortunately) get injured too.

Whether you’re out for a walk, or just around the campsite, there will be hazards your dog may come into contact with.

Being away from home means you won’t have easy access to certain things to help your dog if it does happen. However, having a doggy first aid kit means you will!

best camping accessories for dogs – Raised dog camping bed

If you’ve camped before, you’ll know that the ground can get pretty damp and cold at night. 

If you wouldn’t sleep on that, why let your dog sleep on it?

A raised dog bed for camping is an important part of dog camping gear and is perfect for your pooch to rest or sleep on.

Dog towels

After a swim in the sea, a splash in a lake, or a walk in the rain, the last thing you want is your dog running rogue in your tent and making everything wet!

Make sure you have a dog towel handy (or maybe even a couple!), so when they get wet you can ensure your dog gets dried off straight away.

We recommend microfibre towels, as they absorb several times their weight in water.

best camping accessories for dogs – Hands-free dog leash

If you love walking and hiking in the great outdoors, a hands-free dog leash is perfect for you and your furry friend.

This means you have both hands free for taking pictures, easily drinking water and eating, and holding hands with loved ones!

best camping accessories for dogs | Happy dog on a walk

Collapsable dog bowl

Collapsible water and food bowls are perfect for trips, as they won’t take up as much space as your normal bowl.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our 6 best camping accessories for dogs!

Best camping accessories for dogs – Sumners Ponds

At Sumners Ponds, we allow dogs on our campsite, however, they must be on a lead at all times.

We have a 3-acre fenced-off piece of land called The Dog Meadow, where you can book a slot to enjoy a solo dog walk. 

We also have the beautiful Sussex countryside surrounding the campsite, in which you can take your pooch for a walk.

To book your staycation with us, simply visit our website.

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